Welcome to The Axe Day 2016

Experience axe making at the forge! We forge axe heads, sharpen, harden, polish and assemble. Get your old axes sharpened or re-handled, or buy a new axe in the factory store.

We will arrange an axe throwing contest, wood splitting and you will be able to try some forging. We have also invited craftsmen and axe-experts from different areas who will show how axes can be used. The artist Natella Eremina will also be here and exhibit her artwork.

There is a long tradition of axe use in the iron county Gästrikland. Wetterlings, which has manufactured axes since 1880, take responsibility to develop and preserve the axe culture and teach everything there is to know about axes. This is one of the reasons why we arrange the Day of the Axe – so people can come and see how axes are really made.

Food, coffee and ice cream will be served.

Welcome to us at Wetterlings in Storvik the 28th of May!Yxans dag 2016