The Bushman Axe – by Survivorman Les Stroud

the bushman ax

Wetterlings and Survivorman Les Stroud have been working on an exciting project this spring – we are making an axe together! It is a winning combination indeed and we are both very happy about how the axe has come out. This is Les’s thoughts about the project:

“The legendary reputation of Swedish axes has never been lost on me. I have used them through all of my adventures and travels in the wilderness. So when Wetterlings approached me to design a beautiful, handmade wooden axe with them, I jumped at the chance. It’s an opportunity to create my own legacy by joining an already existing great legacy. It has been easy fit to design an ax as per my own desires of craftsmanship, aesthetics and functionality with such a legendary, high quality company as Wetterlings. ” Les Stroud

Wetterlings are excited about the cooperation and very impressed about Les’s wildlife experience and skills. Anyone who have watched his show on Discovery Channel have seen how well he faces and manages all the challenges a bushman can experience. His knowledge has made the axe unique and really taken it to the next level. He is also a genuine and true personality that we feel close to. To partner with him to design this axe has been great.

We are showing it in public at Bushcraft Show in England the 3 June 2012. It will be available for purchase from November 2012.

discussing axes

Julia and Les discussing axes.

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