Use the Splitting Maul for splitting heavy, grumpy chunks. The shape of the head – the wedge-shaped wide head with a back especially designed to split – makes the axe very efficient. The weight and the long handle– making it possible to use both hands, allow great force. Remember – wood is to be cut and split as soon as possible after chopping. It is easier to split wood when the wood is fresh. The Splitting Maul has got a hardened neck with beveled edges. With the neck you can drive a splitting wedge into the wood. The Splitting Maul is the only product made to bear this kind of work.

Remember there is always a risk to hit steel against steel – the can be steel splinters that damages e.g. an eye! Use protective glasses and suitable workwear! Make sure the edges on both wedge and maul are kept beveled!

The Splitting Maul is delivered with a hickory handle and a leather sheath.

Wetterling Axes SwedenWetterling Axes Sweden#146_VUE2955_0007_A4

Total weight: 3.2 kg
Total length: 80 cm (32″)
Face: 6.5 cm (2 2/4″)