Information about Wetterlings

Dear customer,

S.A Wetterlings has manufactured axes since the late 1800s. During the last century, the company’s business has gone up and down, with a peak in the 1970s when the company produced over 150,000 axes.

Over the past 10 years the company has unfortunately faced decreased sales and insufficient profitability. Since January 2016 the company belongs to the same company group as Gränsfors Bruk AB, who also manufactures hand-forged axes.

As a consequence of this, the company has decided to no longer manufacture axes under the Wetterlings brand but instead become a production site of axes for Gränsfors Bruk.

The two forges have many similarities in the way we forge, grind and fit the axe with a handle. Our choices in material are also equivalent. Right now, the process of transferring Gränsfors Bruk’s way of working to Wetterlings is ongoing. By this act we preserve and develop Wetterlings Axe Forge and we retain the employees’ experience and know-how.

We see great opportunities in this and believe we will be stronger when we cooperate. We will have greater potential and resources to develop our business even further. We will also have the privilege to preserve an important part of Sweden’s craft history by cherishing these cultural sites that our forges are.

Wetterlings Axe Forge and Gränsfors Bruk will hence continue to develop each other. Only now as part of the same team and not as competitors.

By this, Wetterlings want to thank all our customers who believed in us and liked our products. Thank you.


Storvik, 10 March 2017


Lii Johnson                                                                      Thomas Ericsson

Site Manager Wetterlings Axe Forge                            CEO Gränsfors Bruk