Hudson Bay Axe by Wetterlings

Many companies have forged the Hudson Bay axe pattern over the years. The model has its roots in French trading axes and from early settlers in the Hudson Bay region.

In the beginning the eye of the head was round, in line with the Mediterranean axe culture tradition. This was, later on, changed to the oval eye the model has today. Even Wetterlings has under private label been forging some Hudson Bay patterned axes during the sixties.

The “Hudson Bay Axe by Wetterlings” is today forged by Rikard Jansson, one of the skilled blacksmiths at Wetterlings Axe Forge in Storvik, Sweden. The axe is made of Swedish Carbon Steel and the bit is hardened to 57 Rockwell C. This is harder than most Hudson Bay Axes on the market. The hard bit has a sharp edge, retaining sharpness for a long time. However, during very cold days and when biting extremely hard wood, this hard and sharp axe has to be used with professionalism and care. In the old days, real axe men put the axe head in the armpit to warm the head up before they started hewing!

Today, Wetterlings forge this Hudson Bay Axe model also as private label for Hudson´s Bay Company. These axes are stripe painted on the handle by Hudson´s Bay Company in Canada and are delivered with a “Canada Red” sustainable leather sheath.–24

hudson bay axe - 1

2 ½ pound head, total weight 3 pound with handle, hickory handle overall length 60 cm (about 23”).  Delivered sharpened and with a sustainable leather sheath.