Bushman Axe by Les Stroud #178

This axe is multi-functional, intended to be useful in many different situations in the wilderness. Keep the Bushman Axe by Les Stroud in you backpack and you are ready to handle most situations. Apart from felling and limbing smaller trees, the Bushman Axe also is handy when chopping firewood, due to its slightly broader and wedge-shaped head. The axe has got a hammer neck. Remember there is always a risk to hit steel against steel – the result can be steel splinters that damages e.g. an eye! Use protective glasses and suitable workwear!

The Bushman Axe is developed and tested together with Survivorman Les Stroud, Canada.

The Bushman Axe is delivered with a hickory handle and a leather sheath.

#178_bushman_axe_Les_Stroude_VUE3191_0034_A3 Bushman sida till hemsidan
Buschman till hemsidan


Total weight: 1 kg
Total length: 55 cm (21,6″)
Face: 9 cm (3,5″)